Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday and the 1940 Census

My dad in 8th grade. Irvington School, Huntington Park, CA 1931. My dad is on the far right, third row up.

My dad and the ladies from the carpool. They worked at Douglas Aircraft. This was a night at Joe's Zamboanga. It was located at 3828 W. Slauson, Los Angeles, CA. What you don't see here is that these ladies of the carpool autographed and left lipstick kisses on the groovy paper frame this picture is in! I wonder who these gals are and who their living relatives are that might really love to have a copy of this fabulous photo.

We had these scary plastic wigs when I was a kid! You couldn't wear these without your head sweating.

And since I'm on a vintage thing, I thought I'd share my latest Etsian Artists Team Treasury Challenge. The theme this week is "Delicious" and my contribution is Deliciously Vintage. You can see the other participants here!

On the exciting news front, had a press release today. They will be offering the 1940 census for free starting in mid-April of 2012 through the end of 2013! I am not sure I can wait for eight months! Come mid-April, I will hopefully have a little more insight into my great aunt, Bessie's, whereabouts. In 1930, she was in the Alton State Hospital and I still have no idea what happened to her husband Ben. I'm also anxious to find out where Red (my grandfather) was in 1940. I know where I think my grandmother was and now will be able to find her because I now know she fell into the system under the name Marie instead of her birth name Lola. Should be most interesting! You can read the press release here.


  1. Great post! Love the vintage picks!

  2. Love the treasury, good luck in the challenge! Great post!

  3. I just love those wigs, as I start to become follicly challenged maybe they're the sort of thing that I need!

  4. Those wigs are crazy! They crack me up!