Monday, August 15, 2011

The Campus Queen

When I was a little girl I had the most fabulous lunchbox. It was metal and came with little magnetic game pieces. It even had a game board on the back. It was surely the dream of every little girl in the 1960s - Campus Queen! I loved that lunchbox so much I even had my picture taken with it! Yes, goofy!

Little sis, Little Kiddles lunchbox, Puddles (our dog), me, Campus Queen lunchbox

The other thing I just loved was my groovy big sister! She was so much fun, so pretty, so nice and so cool. She had groovy clothes and wore liquid eye-liner, frosted lipstick and teased and flipped her hair! She also had some great albums that she'd bring over on the weekends she stayed with us. She was also a great story teller, telling us the scary story of The Golden Arm or The Green Ribbon by candlelight, scaring my little sister and I every time! Yes, we begged for these stories whenever we saw her. I did not grow up in the same house as my big sis as we had different moms, but, she would come stay with us and my little sis and I always looked so forward to her visits.

She would also take us out for "girls" day where we'd go to A&W and sit in her cool car to have lunch. She was also a great gift giver! She gave us stuffed poodles with transistor radios in them! The radios were only AM, but man they were cool!

Little sis, Big sis, me (smog of Rialto, CA in the background)

Having said that, you can only imagine my "near death" excitement experience when my big sister went to her Winter Formal and we got a picture! I couldn't believe my eyes! She was the Campus Queen! She was the girl on my lunchbox!

Campus Queen lunchbox

My sister, the Campus Queen

After getting home from work today, I did manage to get some pictures of bracelets in natural daylight outside! I now just need to improve them and get them listed in my Etsy shop. I also am about ready to (finally) list another print and am working on a new mixed media painting.

As I wrote this post, I suddenly became inspired to create a treasury in "honor" of the scary stories The Green Ribbon and The Golden Arm. I'm hoping the featured artists don't find that concept too creepy!  Here's my Scary Stories treasury...


  1. What fun!! Love the treasury also!! :-)

  2. I love your big sister's hair! How fab!

    Thanks again for the feature!

  3. Love trips down memory lane! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Lovely post! I had a big cousin I looked up to like that, I thought she was the coolest thing since sliced bread and always looked forward to her visits! :)