Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where Did the Weekend Go and Fabulous Finds

The weekends just go by so fast. I always have my plans and then reality seems to step in and snap me back to reality. So, Saturday I took my mom to her chiropractor and massage appointments and after that she wanted to go shopping for music. She was in the market for old western music and we were heading to Target. When I say "old" western music, I mean vintage, and nothing that Target sold. Had I known what she was after before we got there, I wouldn't have made the trip. My mom was looking for Marty Robbins and Eddy Arnold and you'd be hard pressed to find them at Target. You will find the modern "western" artists though. So I told her we'd check Amazon or a cool store in Pasadena called Canterbury's. But we did pick up (on sale) the DVD Bell, Book and Candle starring James Stewart and Kim Novak! I've never seen  that movie and have always wanted to. Lord only knows when I'll watch it.

Then while doing laundry Saturday evening, one of the cats decided to use my blanket that was on floor waiting to be laundered as a cat box. I came a bit unglued and called the Animal Hospital to make an appointment. This is a 24 hour place so I was able to schedule his appointment for this morning. As "luck" would have it, some guy "decided" to have a solo spin out in the carpool lane and we got caught in hideous gridlock. We were sitting on the freeway/parking lot and our appointment was in five minutes. I decided to call the Pet Hospital and tell them and they rescheduled me. I sighed big time. I called at 10:10 am and our appointment was at 10:20.

We were rescheduled for 11:40. There was no way I was going to turn around and go home just to head back out, so we got through the gridlock and made it to the hospital by 10:35. Well, they couldn't squeeze us in and so we sat until 11:42 when we finally got called in. Such a waste of time really (not being able to get in earlier but taking the cat was important). Tests were run and results will be in tomorrow and Wednesday. Hopefully his problem is behavior driven and not medical (note, he is my newest rescue cat and not one of my long-time house cats).

So by the time we got home after 1pm, had make mom lunch and then finish errands. Got back home and we started watching a local PBS station and they were just playing so many great show! I love PBS. We watched a show on Folk Music (my mom actually pledged to get the CDs), Malt Shop Memories, Comedians on Ed Sullivan, and the 60s Music on Ed Sullivan! We were just singing and dancing around the house all afternoon and evening! It was great! So many memories that really transported me back to a time when life was carefree and fun. Now, I'm not a religious person by any means but I am spiritual and this was one of the songs featured on the Ed Sullivan 60s music show, and I song I just love. The great Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions - People Get Ready.

I am still in the process of working on some projects and now also in the process of creating two tutorials, but I began to focus on how I wanted to do some stencils of all the great cat pictures I have and the great old family portraits. The stencils are still in the infancy stage, but, funny how things happen when you put them "out there" - I became aware of a great artist that paints with acrylics and does some amazing stencil paintings!

He's Juan Tobaru. He has an Esty shop with some amazing art! He has stencil paintings and acrylic paintings. His work is so awesome. I just love simplicity that speaks volume in art, and his stencil paintings do just that!

 I also love color and power in art, and that is completely evident in his paintings.

You can also find Juan Tobaru on Facebook where you can keep up with his art. He is really so talented that I believe he must out there even more than I have shared! He's probably in galleries and other places beyond what I have shared. I should also mention that he is owned by cats and I've seen them appear in his work! Enjoy.


  1. I can see why you like Tobaru. Very cool!

  2. One of my favorite movies is "Bell, Book and Candle"! I love Kim Novak in this movie - she runs around barefoot all the time. There is also a young Jack Lemmon! You must find time to watch it and let me know what you think!

  3. Loved this! Marty Robbins and his family were friends of my family so very glad to see he is appreciated by others. :)

  4. Sounds like a full weekend!

    and thanks for introducing me to Tobaru!

  5. Back to the cat! If the cat is a new rescue it's prob 99% behaviour. It's staking its claim! I know the great Cesar Millan says they live in the now but they remember learned behaviour.
    Mine for some reason get really frightened by noises with a regular beat or pulse.
    They settle but it does take a lot of time and patience. Much like dealing with mothers!!
    Good luck!

  6. Good luck with your cat problem From my experience with the hundreds I have owned in my lifetime it is generally a behaviour problem and since you mentioned that he is rescued and you already have your house cats he is quite likely just laying a stake in his territory. Especially I have found boys to be much worst for this then girls are. Good luck by any means, I hope it is not a health issue. He is in my prayers!

  7. I heard from the vet today and the urinalysis and bloodwork came back OK. We're now just waiting on the results of the urine culture. Therefore, it is looking like a behavor problem and not medical. That is a relief and I did leave the vet armed with some tips on beginning to change the behavior pattern. The vet did say that the change can take as long as the behavior has been going on (if that makes sense).