Sunday, January 24, 2010

Historic West Adams District

When I wrote out my 2010 goals, one is to have more fun. In keeping with that, I went on a fabulous bus tour of the Historic West Adams District of Los Angeles. The tour was offered through a local company called Esotouric. If you're in the LA area, I highly recommend them. This was the second tour they offer that I've taken. Well worth the time and the price. It was a beautiful, rain-free day (after nearly an entire week of rain) and just perfect for some photo ops.

We toured neighborhoods, viewing beautiful homes and beautiful architecture. Just amazing. We would also stop in front of various homes to hear tales of a murder or a crime that happened at those exact locations decades ago. We also stopped in front of the house where Marvin Gaye was shot to death by his father. A particularly disturbing fact was that during the 1920s, child abduction, molestation and murder, seemed quite prevalent. Made me think of the movie "The Changeling".

Near the end of the tour, we paid a visit to Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery. What a magnificent place! Founded in 1884, this is the resting place of many notable characters such as Louise Peete (convicted serial killer) and Fernando Lamas. The grounds are kept well and are peppered with flowers and tall palm trees.

What intrigued me the most about this cemetery was all the headstones and mausoleums. I felt like I was in New Orleans. I had no idea that a cemetery with so many headstones exists in LA. These became my photo op.

Massive headstones of winged angels and towering crosses with possible guardians on watch:

I can only imagine back at the turn of the last century these amazing sculptures were handmade and surely quite pricey. However, I haven't researched this and could totally be wrong and possibly molds were in existence. After all winged angels, guardians, crosses, and the like, surely was common cemetery decor. Of all the wonderful headstones, the one that mesmerized me was the one I call "The Mourner":

This is something I don't think I've ever seen. I have seen footage and photos of cemeteries, but none that contained anything quite like this "Mourner". It was as if I could feel her pain:

I think I shall have to make another trip there in the future for more photo ops and to see if I can find the graves of the notable "residents". This trip found me so caught up in photographing the cemetery "art" that I didn't think to look for the famous.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Song of the Week - 10

Music and song has always been a big part of my life. I grew up in a house where music was always on (or at least when the TV was off). My mom used to say that there was something wrong with people that did not like music. Probably true. Music is so vast and has made such a huge contribution to the world. No matter what your taste, there is surely something out there for you.

I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately. Not sure why. Maybe it's just normal. We get older, our lives change and take off in a direction that might be unfamiliar. I also believe that as we get older, we do get bolder. There's a sense of freedom to getting older. You can finally be OK with what you feel and think and not really be too concerned that your peers may find that odd. Actually, peers that are your friends, tend to be around for that ride, and can lend a great deal of support.

What I've learned over the years is that I (and most people really) are constantly changing and evolving. Oftentimes, that is good. Sometimes, it is a scary thing, and sometimes a sad thing. Losing what was once a part of you, can be both frightening and liberating. Our ideas and perspectives change. We sometimes even find that we don't recognize the person we once were. Is that really bad? Probably not, as being stagnant would be far worse, in my opinion.

What exactly does all this have to do with the song this week? I don't really know, other than I have spent a lot of time reflecting lately and feel this song addresses that. My reflection is evident in many aspects of my life. It plays a big part in my art, my thoughts, my journals and how I respond to things now compared to how I responded to things when I was in, say, my 20s. Shooting from the hip is much less a part of the current me. Sometimes I feel I'm less of a bitch than I used to be, but sometimes I feel I'm more of one. I completely embrace that, yet, when I was younger, the concept of changing seemed foreign to me. I'm glad that is no longer an issue. I think the inability to change and grow would truly be a drag. I can't even imagine now, being "stuck" where I was 20+ years ago. Could it be I've actually learned something about aging? Could it be that I'm handling the seasons of my life?

My song selection this week is one I love and one that I find haunting. I also think this one is timeless. When I was much younger, I loved many of Stevie Nicks' songs, but never really considered the person, or where these songs came from. Now that I've "grown up", I admire and respect her and in reflecting, am amazed at her ease of talent. Her ability to powerfully say things. Her gift of telling life stories so well through songs that you can't seem to get out of your head, I find amazing. If only more people had that gift (like myself, for one).

Sit back, listen, reflect and enjoy. Maybe this song will somehow talk to you, too.

Lazy Weekend

A lazy weekend indeed. I think it was necessary after the stress of the holidays! Did some of my on-line class, talked to my mom and one of my friends. Read a lot! Slept in. Nice.

That was yesterday. Today, I slept in and ventured out to go on a spending spree. Started with Borders Books. Love that place. I get these fun discount coupons weekly and, being a book junkie, I find it nearly impossible to pass the discounts up. So, at Borders, searching through the Arts and Crafts books, I came across an obviously misplaced book. Surely this must have been meant for me to find. It fits right in with my 2010 goal of being a better housekeeper. Plus, the graphics in this book and on the cover are just so fab! The book I picked up is called "No-Hassle House Cleaning". I can't wait to dive into that. I really need to do some house cleaning as I have friends coming next weekend. We will be going on a scandal-filled bus tour of the West Adams district of LA. This will be followed by food, fun and revelry at my hopefully clean house.

I also went to Fresh & Easy, Trader Joe's and Target to spend even more money. Since all the local weather reports said the upcoming week of pretty much non-stop rain was not starting until tonight, I ventured out on this spending spree without my umbrella or raincoat. It's a damn good thing I don't bother spending lots of time blow drying my hair into a straight style of some sort since the clouds opened up early and the drops of rain began to fall!

When I got home I decided I wanted to make not one, but two dishes. New vegetarian recipes I came across. Both recipes contain red lentils. I should add that the house smells really good.

One is a red lentil and barley casserole

and the other is a red lentil and artichoke stew

Funny (or maybe sad) how the weekends just fly by. Tomorrow, I begin a new work schedule at the day job. It's called the 9/80 work week. This basically means, you work 9 hour days Monday through Thursday, 8 hours on Friday, repeat Monday through Thursday the following week, and then have that Friday off! I can't wait. I think my first assignment for the off Friday will be to have the landlord replace my archaic electric stove top. Said stove top, completely shut off while I was sauteeing onions and carrots for the casserole. A cooks worst nightmare. Who's idea was it to make electric stove tops anyway? Surely, not a cook.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Relief and Aid for Haiti

Like so many people, I have been touched by the devastation of the recent earthquake in Haiti. I am also touched by all the outpouring of support from the people of the world. Humanitarian is defined as concern for human welfare, especially as manifested through philanthropy and the belief that the sole moral obligation of humankind is the improvement of human welfare. To me, being a humanitarian has nothing to do with politics or religion. It's beyond that - it's human (humane).

If you are inspired to donate, there are many avenues available that should suit any political or religious viewpoint.

You can also contribute by participating in an art auction. A local Southern California mixed-media artist, Shari Beaubien, is auctioning off an original painting. Starting bid is $60. The bidding will be open until midnight, Friday, January 22, 2010. What's cool about this auction is that the total donation will be made through her husband's employer, Warner Bros, to one of the following charities: American Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, CARE, and/or UNICEF (all established relief organizations currently on the ground in Haiti) and that Warner Bros will match whatever donations they get dollar for dollar. So, not only can you help, but you might just get a cool piece of original art.

If you're a creative-type, you can also take an on-line workshop. Another Southern California artist, Mary Ann Moss, is offering a workshop and if you enroll between January 16 -31st, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Red Cross Haitian Relief Fund. The cool thing here is not only are you helping out, you are going to get a fun and inspiring stenciling workshop!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Coincidence or Divine Timing?

Does coincidence really exist? According to dictionaries, coincidence is the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection; also : any of these occurrences; a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance: Our meeting in Venice was pure coincidence.

According to metaphysics, nothing happens by mere chance. There is a reason for everything and a "divine" timing. Oddly enough, I can relate to the Divine timing theory, even though I'm not what you'd call a "religious" person. In fact, I'm turned off by a lot of the religious dogma. I am comfortable with the concept of a time for things to manifest, although, I'm have never been comfortable when that time doesn't jive with what I want. I was not raised to believe that there is a God and a Devil out there, both trying to get your soul. I am so thankful for that, BTW. I was raised to believe that the "Devil" is a sort of fable; not a horned creature hiding in the shadows, waiting to steal my soul, but rather a concept of the negative aspects that we can attach ourselves to and buy into.

I was raised with the idea that things will happen when we are ready for them and that "God" (or whatever you wish to call it) gives us what we can handle when we can handle it. All is in a "divine" order. Again, I was not raised to believe in traditional religious dogma, and am very, very thankful for that.

So, where am I going with this? I'll tell you. As I've mentioned here many times, I'm searching for my grandmother, Lola. A few odd chain of events occurred over the past two days.

Yesterday, one of my co-workers was telling me that all the information available on (a pay-for vehicle for genealogical research) is available for free at the LA City Library's website. She promised to send me that link. Then today, my PI friend sent me a message that she spoke with a woman from the State hospital where Lola was incarcerated and that this woman was gathering information to send, per our request. My PI friend had sent the original request before Thanksgiving and followed up today due to lack of communication from the hospital. Within minutes of receiving this message from my PI friend, another co-worker started to tell me about the LA City Library's site.

Well, how's that for timing? When my PI friend sent me her message, I was definitely choked up. Maybe they will be able to answer my many questions about Lola - did she die there? Was she released to anyone in particular? What were the dates of her time there? Since I cannot find anything to date about Lola after the 1930 census, this possibility is exciting.

Song of the Week - 9

I had two fabulous best friends during my teen years and am happy to say that one of these friendships is still going strong. If you've had a friend that has been a part of your life for so long, you know just how great that is. Someone that you can always count on. Someone that let's you know when you're out of control (and doesn't offend you because of your history). Someone that has been there for you and you've been there for when deaths, births, marriages, divorces, drama touched your life.

My two friends and I were Stones freaks! We loved the Rolling Stones, and I still do. As a long time fan, I must admit that I am partial to the older stuff, though. If you will, flashback to 1975. The Stones were touring. They were going to be in Los Angeles at the Forum. The girls and I HAD to go. We couldn't let the fact that none of us had a drivers license stop us. The recollection is dim here on some facts. How we learned of a ticket agency selling the tickets that we bought, I can't tell you. Our concert going experience up to that point was at a venue called The Swing Auditorium. The Swing was local and one of the parents would drive us to the box office to purchase concert tickets. Now the Forum, in Los Angeles, was a different story.

I don't remember when the concert was announced or when we bought the tickets. I do remember that I had the HUGEST crush on the guitarist, Mick Taylor. In December of 1974, he told the band he was leaving. I was devastated. A true teenage "Catch-22". See your fav band but without your major crush. Oh, the inhumanity.

We were dropped off at the Forum on that spectacular day in July of 1975 for the show. We paid the agency $25 a ticket and had really great seats. Third row! We snuck our Instamatic cameras in and snapped pictures. I'll have to see if I can find any of them. They weren't that good because Instamatic cameras didn't have zoom lenses, plus the flash bulbs didn't provide the best lighting.

After the show, we were picked up by our parental ride. They were accompanied by Johnny Walker! Obviously, we made it home safely. That was not a short commute either (about 2 hours).

This week's song is by that fab band, The Rolling Stones, is a song that was released on the Goats Head Soup album, and that my crush, MT, played on. It is also a powerful song addressing social issues, not only at the time, but social issues still relevant today. Really, when I hear some of the modern song lyrics, I am always amazed at just how NOT important they are and how stupid many are. "I kissed a girl and I like it" or "my lovely lady lumps" - who really gives a shit? If there is any social value to that, please feel free to let me know because I just don't have the desire to reach them at this time. I should confess that I've never listened to these songs in their entirety. Maybe there is something of value, or maybe these are songs trying to capitalize on the unfortunate popularity of "reality" TV shows. I just find all of that a sad commentary on our current society. How will we really look 30 years in the future?

The song this week is (Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo) Heartbreaker. Too bad kids today aren't hearing songs like this on the radio and/or on their iPods. I have now stepped off my soapbox.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hello 2010

Happy New Year! So now is the time to list some goals for the new year. I may have to be accountable to them the minute I hit "publish post".

Take art workshops
I'm happy to say that I've signed up already for two! Currently enrolled in a fab mixed media drawing/painting class at Suzi Blu Les Petite Academy (on-line) and will be taking an etched metal workshop next Thursday at the Pasadena Bead and Design Show. I will also take a workshop at the end of January in Santa Monica. This workshop is all about The Yudu Screen Printer. I bought this last year when I became fearful of my "precious" Gocco supplies becoming obsolete and have never touched it. I must now take the workshop and break it out.

Travel to Iowa and Illinois for family research
I hope to do this in the spring as the Mid-West is in the midst of insane weather. This has been on my list for many months now. I do use and as means of this research. Several months ago, I found a thread of messages on Rootsweb that addressed my family. I replied to this, but have yet to hear back. I plan to pursue this contact and make a trip. His/her grandfather was my grandfather's (Lola's husband) brother. Apparently, he/she is from a larger segment of the family than I. He/she may have information that I would benefit from. Now I just must convince myself that this new and very scary full body scan crap at airports is NOT really a personal violation and that the TSA screeners are REALLY professional. I traveled to Virginia in November of 2008. Not being a seasoned business traveler, I was devastated when the TSA screener threw away my newly opened toothpaste tube and facial cleanser. I don't REALLY think that my background or look presents a threat, but I lost money that I spent to buy items, yet the "underpants" bomber has no problem boarding planes. I'm having a hard time with that, so maybe I'll drive.

Start exercising again:
Break out those DVDs I bought in 2009 and use them. The fact that you feel so much better, both physically and mentally when you exercise is no mystery! I grew up with a mom that practiced (off and on) yoga, and I do that too - yoga practitioner off and on. I just love yoga and need to bring it back into my life. Flexibility is one key to maintaining "youth".

Start building Etsy site
I have created the Etsy shop and have been "writing" the shop policy. Now, I just need to finalize that and list items! Really, the items to list do exist. Time to stop lolly gagging!

Keep blog current and interesting
Yes! Mandatory. Wish me luck here.

Have more fun
Indeed. This is a milestone year for me. A birthday I could never imagine as a teenager! The big 5-0. I plan to have a fun party, go to art exhibits, other things, and just have fun.

I have always wanted to do this but my life seems to get in the way. I plan to volunteer at the holidays - serving food possibly. I have also wanted to volunteer with animal rescue organizations, but have always thought that would be hard. You see, I love animals and become attached. Also, I really struggle with the kill option attached to some of the rescue organizations. I need help with this. Can I really volunteer and be a part of the life of a cat or dog, only to learn that maybe because the animal was NOT a baby, no one wanted it, therefore, euthanasia? Don't think we treat people that way. Oh, no. We actually seem to cheer for women that take drugs to have unnatural multiple births that they can't afford. Octomom is a fine example. What's up with that? (Oops, soapbox made an appearance here).

Stay in touch with family and friends
I really don't think any day job out weighs this and I need to make this a priority. I must say goodbye to the "old me". I pretty much missed my nieces and nephews growing up and really don't want to miss their kids growing up. What does anyone have to show for that, really?

Do something creative daily
No comment necessary here.

Be a better housekeeper
OMG yes! I have had to fire way too many imaginary "cleaning ladies"! Must get that under control.

Get a gas stove
Hell yes. I have always cooked with gas. Sadly though, I have had an electric stove for the past four years that is older than I am. It is just hideous. I feel I have suddenly lost my ability to cook. I even had the landlord send out a repairman last year. The obviously "talented" repairman said nothing was wrong with my stove! Yeah right. I don't know about you, but, stove completely shutting off in the midst of cooking is not normal in my opinion.

I think I will need to revisit the goals on a quarterly basis in order to track what I have done as well as add to the list.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Song of the Week - 8

One of my friends was sharing her resolutions (or what I like to call goals) for 2010. One that stuck with me was her resolution to watch one documentary per month, citing that documentaries are full of information and a valuable learning tool.

Last Tuesday, the 29th of December, while channel surfing, I came across a show on my local PBS channel called "American Masters: Joan Baez - How Sweet the Sound", already in progress. I started watching and quickly became caught up in her life story. I will have to watch this again, from the beginning.

I have always known Joan Baez and her music. I have always known that she was a folk singer, worked with Bob Dylan, and is and has been an activist. Her activism is very inspiring to me. She took stands for peace, human rights, civil rights, all in a peaceful manner. She went to jail for her peaceful forms of protest during the 60s. I find it strange that one would be incarcerated for a peaceful demonstration, yet maybe not incarcerated for a violent act committed. But sadly, that may never change, especially if we cannot speak and listen to each other when it comes to social differences.

There are two strong emotions that are each four letter words - love and hate. Two words so opposite, yet closely connected. So many things we do, feel, or react to come from either love or hate, and both emotions have been responsible for many great things as well as many horrible things in society. Surely love can drive people to accomplish positive change, but can hate do that as well?

I think that as we head into the new year and a new decade, I shall make a conscience effort to pay attention to the emotions as they make appearances and chose to deal with situations with love over hate (or fear). Hate is a strong emotion and I do not feel I have a problem with it, but, I do have issues on occasion with anger and fear, and shall work on overcoming that.

This week's title contains the word "love". While watching the documentary, there was footage of Bob Dylan in the midst of writing this song and Joan Baez playing her guitar while she sang it. I thought, "I love this song! I haven't heard it in so long." Written by a great poet, social commentator, musician, and sung by his female equivalent. The song, Love is Just a Four Letter Word, written by Bob Dylan and sung by Joan Baez. May you step out, inspire others, and have great things follow you on your path!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goodbye 2009

I have said it many times and I've heard others say it many times. Where did the year go? I guess it's true what my mom always said back when I was a teenager, "don't wish you life away, it'll go by fast enough." How true. I think the year has gone so quickly that I really can't recall all the highlights that manifested.

I did accomplish a few things that had been on "my list" for many years. I started this blog and I opened my Etsy shop. Blogging is cool because it is not only a means of documenting thoughts, feelings and things, but also a way to write, which is something I loved doing as a teenager. It kind of has that long-lost sense of excitement over being "published".

As for the Etsy shop, it is created and that is it. I must now gather the hand-made inventory and list items. This is a goal for 2010. I should add that I don't want to just list things, I want to sell things that are listed.

I finally joined Facebook and have been lucky enough to reconnect with family and friends I lost touch with over the years. I'm very happy about that.

I had the opportunity to travel to and stay at a beautiful place for work. I am lucky enough to have great co-workers that are smart, funny and very encouraging.

I survived the biggest fire in the history of LA (to date). Mind you, my home or person was never in any danger, but the Station Fire was huge, and it was close to both home and work.

I was also lucky enough this past year to encourage and support two friends on their path to vegetarianism! I have tons of favorite sites loaded with information and recipes as well as an out of control collection of cookbooks at my fingertips to loan my friends.

This past year also found me rescuing a cat that started hanging out on my patio. He "moved in", if you will, to my patio on Thanksgiving day. For me, the process of introducing a street cat into a house of indoor cats has not been easy. This is not something I'm used to as all the cats that have come into my life were either young and interegrated well with the older cats or were mellow. This guy is not a kitten (maybe two years old), is not so mellow, and has exhibited aggressive behavior towards my little Petey. As of now, they are still kept separated. I may need to contact an expert for help with the intro and integration.

I began to seriously research my family tree and my grandmother (Lola), in particular. I have started to learn much and look forward to this journey. Someone asked me if I was at all worried about what I might learn (considering how adamant my dad was about NOT talking about her). Interesting question, but, I am not worried as I really would rather know what happened and am finding the search as frustrating and as rewarding as searching for antiques or vintage items to add to a collection.

My older sister became a grandmother for the third time and it was her first granddaughter! My younger sister started post graduate studies!

I didn't take many art or jewelry making workshops and plan to get back in the groove in 2010. I found plenty to take, just didn't seem to have the follow through. I also plan to get back in the exercising groove. That just somehow slipped my mind in 2009, yet it didn't stop me from buying various excersise DVDs.

I saw three great local stage productions in 2009. In August I saw "Louis and Keely Live at the Sahara". What a fab show that was. The next best thing to seeing the real show had I been alive in the 50s. In December I saw "Baby It's You", another fab show and I ended the year (December 30th) seeing "A Vegas Holiday! Songs from Live at the Sahara". This was the Louis and Keely live show from August sans the drama.

So, goodbye 2009. It was a very good year!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Holiday 2009

Well, it appears I took a break from the blog. It wasn't intentional as I've developed a real love of the blog thing. It was just a very hectic and busy holiday around here.

We used to spend Christmas at my parents' house, but since my dad passed away in 2005, my mom has spent holidays at the cat house. I made the 99 mile trek to the high desert to pick up my mom so that she would be here for Christmas. She ended up getting sick. One morning she got up sounding congested and it quickly got worse. Since she is on various meds, I called her doctor's office to find out what I could get her over the counter that would be safe. I explained to the receptionist that my mom was with me (99 miles away from them), she was sick, and that I wanted to know what over the counter cold medication would be safe for her to take that would not cause problems or clash with her medication.

The receptionist asked me for the pharmacy phone number. I immediately thought that was odd, but I googled it and read the number to her. I told myself that she was going to call the pharmacy to confirm the meds and check safety issues, and she did say she'd call me back. Well she did call me back. Not with any OTC recommendations, but to let me know I gave her the wrong phone number for the pharmacy! OK. At this point I'm pretty convinced I caught them during their drinking holiday lunch party or something.

This time I googled CVS and clicked on "store locator" and gave the receptionist that number, telling her exactly how I found it (a technique that might be useful to her in the future). It was still striking me as odd that I'm looking up the pharmacy phone number for the doctor's office. The same pharmacy my mom has gone to for years to pick up the multitude of medication prescribed by the very doctor that this very receptionist works for. Needless to say, this was the last I heard from the receptionist.

I am a long time vegan, as is my younger sister. I learned to cook when I made the choice to change my diet as vegan options were slim in those days. I love cooking and sharing vegan meals with my veg and non-veg friends and family. On Christmas eve day, I left work early and began cooking my holiday food. My mom, sister and I were going to my older sister's house for Christmas dinner, and were following that up with a holiday dinner visit with close friends in Palm Springs the day after. As I didn't care to spend both days in the kitchen, I decided to prepare everything on Christmas eve. By the time I was ready to turn in for the night, my mom was not sounding good at all. The congestion was bad, her cheeks were flaming red and she was very weak. I made her a cup of hot water with lemon juice and honey (my mom is not a vegan) and she drank that and went back to sleep.

In the morning she got up and we had our gift exchange. She didn't feel that great and went back to bed. I checked on her in the early afternoon, asking her how she felt and if she wanted to get up and get ready to go for dinner. She didn't as she just felt so bad. Sadly, we had to cancel the holiday dinner and reschedule our visit with my sis and her family for this coming weekend.

I did run out to Rite Aid and Vons on Christmas day to get my mom Vicks VapoRub, juice, crackers, Vitamin C and zinc lozenges. That was all I felt safe getting since the doctor's office just blew me off. I should also add that with the stress of my mom being sick, my fear of unintentionally harming her, the busy end of year work load, and just the "hecticness" (did I just make up a word?) of the holiday, I never thought to take mom's bag of meds with me to Rite Aid so that I could ask the pharmacist what was safe to get. Ugh.

The day after Christmas, also known in the UK as Boxing Day, my mom felt better. Nowhere near 100%, but much better than the day before. She wanted to get out of the cat house and go for the holiday visit with our friends in Palm Springs. Off we went, car packed full of gifts and vegan holiday food - marinated tofu, vegan scalloped potatoes, vegan green bean casserole, tofu pumpkin pie and the world's BEST sweet potato casserole! Probably about half way into our two hour commute, she got sick to her stomach. Luckily my sister carries plastic shopping bags in her car and was able to hand one to my mom when she announced she was going to get sick.

We got to PS and had our gift exchange and my mom then went to sleep in my friend's guest room for a few hours. We did manage to have a wonderful visit and my dear friend, Kevin, got me the most FAB gift - wonderful vintage reindeer Christmas lights!

Then came the two hour trek from Palm Springs back to the cat house. We made it and began lugging all the bags of goodies, gifts and now empty Pyrex dishes from the car to the house. My sister was leading the way, loaded down with bags. My mom was in front of me carrying her beautiful wreath that Kevin made her, climbing up the steps of the concrete walkway. I was behind my mom, loaded down with bags, when she suddenly lost her balance and fell sideways! I screamed, "oh my God!" and dropped my bags. My sister came running back and we helped my mom up. She was okay and had not hurt herself, thank God! We got mom in and settled her on the couch with a glass of wine and kitties sitting with her.

I ended up taking my mom home on Monday since Sunday traffic was absolute gridlock. We had to stop at her pharmacy to pick up the two refills I called in. When we got there, the pharmacist informed us that there were four things to pick up. No, we only called in two. Turns out the doctor's office called in prescriptions for an antibiotic and some drug to break up the congestion! I hit the roof. I thought I was clear when I had called the doctor's office the week before saying she was with me in LA and asking for guidance on what OTC meds she could have. Sigh. All I can say is I love the holidays, but I'm so very glad this one is over. I'm also glad that my mom is now slowly feeling better.