Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Hardest Job in the World and a Great New Blog

Having not been a parent, I really had no idea what was in store for me once I officially became a caregiver. I can tell you that it isn't easy and I really don't know how parents do it and I have nothing but respect for them. How does one take care of others, while taking care of themselves and their homes and their lives and participate in their jobs? My hat's off to you!

So, the old broken record here, I didn't finish my Catupulets, nor did I finish my tutorial. Hell, I am no farther than I was yesterday or the day before, to be honest. I'm either lazy, old or just not able to handle emotionally, all things I could have handled in my 20s or 30s, and that bothers me.  I really don't relish the thought of doing nothing besides the mundane in what is left of my life and am struggling to get a grip on the time management thing (yet again, or always). But, the night is still young and I should be able to accomplish something!

I tried to be somewhat creative yesterday by participating in a team treasury challenge.  I really don't think my treasury lives up to the others, but I did find some really fabulous items to include! There really are so many good ones compared to mine and you can see them all here. But, I'll get there. I am always amazed at what people can put together and they are so cool and hip and visually appealing! I do suggest you head over to the Etsian Artists blog and participate in the challenge. This weeks' challenge entry is closed, but you can vote on Sunday! The treasuries with the highest views, clicks and comments will be entered into the vote. The winner of the vote will then be featured on the blog and interviewed!

On a happy note, my cousin Wendy started a blog! I'm so excited about that and hope you'll show her some support. She is a long time genealogist and a fabulous photographer. She has spent that past year and a half dealing with the horrible Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia diagnosis of her 22 year old son, which to date. they have overcome! You can find Wendy's blog here. I must now convince her to open an on-line shop to sell her amazing photos!  Wendy and I share great uncle Bill Meents!


  1. Cousin Kris,
    Thanks for the shout-out on the Blog! About the being a parent or a caretaker...No one gets training on how to be a parent - you just jump right in and do it! It is the hardest job you will ever do but worth every minute! Being a single parent has even more hard times but also many more good times! Being a caretaker is very just jump right in because you need to! It takes some adjusting and some feeling sorry for yourself and things you have to put aside for the time being...but believe me, it too has it's upside! Even if the one you are caring for doesn't know what you are giving up. Give yourself some credit and some time to get your feet wet and learn was is possible and what needs to wait! You will never be sorry you had this time to spend with your mom! Skype me sometime and we will talk! Hang in there!

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement and knowledge, Wendy! I'm struggling with the adjustment but I know I won't regret this. I also know that you speak from experience, not only with your kids, but with your mom. I will Skyp you soon and I'll even get my mom on that call. She will surely enjoy talking to you as she's heard so much about you and our family connection.

    So what do you think about my suggestion that you start to sell those photos on line?