Monday, July 18, 2011

Fabulous Finds...and a little more

For some reason, I'm really tired tonight, and have used that as an excuse to, yet again, not run test prints of my lino blocks. When I'm tired, I find writing seems to be much easier than pulling out the art supplies and working them. Surely, I'll kick myself if I don't get those test prints done soon! Seriously, what's the point of carving them if they're just going to hang out on the table! And why do I find it easier to carve linoleum than to print the carved pieces? Who knows!

A few months ago my cousin, Beverly, sent me some copies of old family photos she has.  I actually got the photos the same day I got the Records Release form from Fairview Developmental Center to request my grandmother's hospital records. The photos were so cool, but this one has really haunted me.  It was a copy and probably the original is not very big, so it isn't the best quality nor clarity, and I really need to get a scan of the original to better "research" the people in the photo.

Now I know my dad, and I know that the little boy with the ball on his head on the right is him. I also know that the tall guy with the wild hair next to my dad is my grandfather, Earl (aka Red) - and it's funny that tall and wild hair does run in the family. Could the lady next to Red possibly be my grandmother, Lola? I don't know as I've now only seen one picture of her that I'm aware of and that was the "inmate" photo on her admittance forms from the State hospital; a photo that does not depict a happy, young woman in her 40s. I also wonder who the other people are, and wonder if this picture was taken in Mason City, Iowa, where my dad was born. I'm still not sure when or where or how Lola and Red landed in Mason City, but I do know that they stayed there until my dad was 10 years old and then they moved to California.

You know that saying, "Those who can't, teach"? Well I think that saying sucks! In my opinion, anyone that teaches, provides a tremendous service to society, and sometimes, they are lucky enough to teach something they absolutely love!! What better way to spend your 9-5? I've always thought it would be so cool to be an art teacher. Imagine spending your days teaching people to paint, while you're also working on your own paintings that you might just show or sell!! Today's Fabulous Finds features someone that is an artist and an art teacher!

Katt, from Black Friday Studios, is a fabulous painter! Some of the best Johnny Depp paintings I've seen, have been at her Etsy shop! Yes, I do L-O-V-E Johnny Depp.

She is also an animal lover, and does donate to her local shelter and animal charities (which I find admirable)! This multi-talented lady is also a blogger. But she doesn't ONLY paint Johnny Depp, she also paints fabulous animal portraits! I really love her work and find her totally inspiring!

 The realism in her paintings amazes me, as I am NOT a realist when I paint. I think any student lucky enough to be in her art classes should be "thanking" God, and I'm sure learn a lot from this cool teacher!


  1. That's a beautiful picture. I wonder what your dad is looking at :)
    Thanks for sharing ♥

  2. I wonder, too, Ana. He does, however, kind of look like one of your illustrations, don't you think?

  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful feature!
    What a nice surprise to wake up to!

  4. You're welcome, Katt! Wow you do wake early.

  5. As usual love the pic and info on your family.
    Also, I have to say that I am a proud owner of one of Katt's Johnny Depp paintings and you are right, they are the best I have seen. So glad to see her and her shop featured in your blog. :)

  6. We have a tv show here called Ancestors in the Attic, I love it!!! I was thinking of you today when I was watching it and thinking of your search. You could get a hold of the tv show and they would find everything out for you and then do a program about you and your family. You should really look into it! :) I too love Katts work and so happy to see her featured here!

  7. That show looks so good, and they have the option to watch it live. I tried to do that but can't. I might need to try on my other computer. I would love to contact them, and maybe I can qualify since my mom is from Canada. Thanks for telling me about it.

  8. FYI - I need to revisit the copies of pics that my cousin sent me. She thinks that woman second to the left might be her mohter, my dad's aunt Edna. She doesn't otherwise know who anyone else is in the picture.