Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Day, No Test Prints and a Bit of Genealogy

So, another day has come and gone and so has my opportunity to test print the lino blocks! What's wrong with me? I've got about two week's worth of carvings to print. I left work yesterday with every intention of test printing when my cell phone rang. Naturally, I couldn't answer it as I was driving and the "take me to your leader" Bluetooth was buried in the glove box in serious need of recharging. Once I got home, I played the message from that missed call.

Well, it turns out my mom's friend was going to be passing through town today and wanted to stop by for a visit! My mom was so excited that we had to run to the store and get some cookies and tea for her visit. She was so looking forward to this visit from her friend and had been smiling all night! Me, not so much. Why? Because I am probably the world's worst housekeeper! Molly Maids, I am NOT, but should think about hiring them.

Since moving my mom in with me on the 14th of May, I still have boxes of her stuff in my living room and dining room. You see, boxes of my mom's stuff that should have been taken to "storage" on moving day, ended up here (including two bags of plastic grocery store bags - I kid you not). So there was the mad dash to tidy up. I would hate to think that anyone might be inclined to report that my mom is living in squalor! Was I busy tiding up last night? Not really, I started writing this blog post instead. Ugh. I really dreaded company coming over, cleaning, denying my mom anything, and cleaning (did I say that already?) Oh, I also dreaded that I had to go to work today, even though I now work part time hours.

I didn't accomplish much on the cleaning front last night as I was just too tired. I did buy lottery tickets but nothing came of that. Really, at the rate I'm buying them (and praying) something's got to give soon. That would be a huge score in an otherwise mundane and kind of stressful life. One of my friends pointed out that I've been feeling lost lately because I found Lola. That could be true. Even though I found her, there are still so many unanswered questions, and I'm kind of at a loss as to where to look, but, I know that will change as I seem to be pretty good at that type of research. And tonight, thanks to another friend, I just learned about a show in Canada called, "Ancestors in the Attic"! Well that looks quite good, and you can even watch episodes on the computer. I tried to do that tonight, but nothing would happen. I guess I need to update something here or try it on my other computer.

So, got up early this morning and started cleaning - dusting, vacuuming, mopping kitchen floor, putting things away, the works. The pad is now clean. Hopefully it can stay that way. I did drag out my lino blocks, new ink and supplies, but still haven't printed. Maybe tomorrow. I have to take my mom to the doctor's in the afternoon, so hopefully after we get back.


  1. I think the "bags of plastic grocery store bags" is something that comes to us all at some point. My mother-in-law used to have an impressive collection and my parents have just started the "don't throw it away, it'll come in handy" argument.

  2. Don't feel bad about the cleaning thing, I am not such a good house keeper myself. My husband is like Danny Tanner from the old show Full House and well, I certainly don't measure up to his expectations on the cleaning front, but I do try! My studio is the only room in the house that is just mine and he doesn't come in here so I am embarrassed to say that some might look in here and think that I work in squaler lol It just seems that everytime I do get up the ambition to clean it, it just ends up a stinkin' mess again in no time, I just can't keep up with it, well, I guess I could if I cleaned it everyday and well, thats just not going to happen lmao. I am so glad you checked out Ancestors in the Attic, I hope you get it working I think you will really like it, I LOVE it, I watch it every day for an hour as there are 2 episodes in a row on in the morning right after my husband leaves for work so my dog and I cuddle on the couch for an hour watching that before we start the 'house cleaning' lol ya..... Well, this is the longest comment in history lol

  3. Those plastic shopping bags! My mom used to use them instead of luggage when she'd come to visit! Yes, they would hold her meds and cosmetic items.

    I love all comments, and especially the long ones! I think art studios can never be clean, really. How would you find anything!

    I still haven't tried to catch Ancestors in the Attic, but will do that this weekend. Funny how I now have shorter workdays, yet can't seem to do all the things I want. Struggling to get the time management thing down.