Monday, July 4, 2011

30 Day Art Challenge - Do I Dare!

Lately I feel like I have been busy with so many things that being creative has taken a backseat. I really do hate that. I know of some artists that have challenged themselves to do something creative each day in the month of July. I thought that would be fun, but I'm afraid to openly commit to it for fear of not sticking with it!

Now that this challenge was in my head, I decided on Saturday I could work on a few things to either make up for the fact that day 1 had nothing creative to offer and also in case I don't make or find the time to create during the month.

I started by pulling out the sketch pad and found a face I drew about a month ago. I thought I might be able to work on that while sitting in the beauty salon with my mom. She was getting a perm, shampoo and set, and a manicure.

I thought possibly, I could remove the "cross-hairs" from the face, and using my Prismacolor pencils, finish the drawing. Well, I didn't do that. Instead I started a brand new sketch and spent the time at the salon working on that.

Once back home, I decided to carve. I started with a soft rubber block and drew circles on it and began to carve.

I also pulled out an old carving and worked a little more on it. I can't tell you how many half carved blocks I have!

On Sunday I watched I Love Lucy and drew squares on a lino block and began to carve that. I haven't yet printed any proofs and hope to do so this week. You might ask why I don't do it today (since it is a holiday), well that would be because I have to go out of town on a business trip! Ugh. Anyway, I was happy with the way the lino carving came out.

The other "creative" thing I worked on both last night and today, was rather torturous! I was trying to create a grab button for the blog. It took me forever. Well, if you look to the right, in the sidebar, you'll see the finished product!


  1. Hi! Found you via Etsian Artist team. I love lino block prints!

  2. Hi Ajax! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love lino block prints, too! Used to do them often years ago (especially loved carving portraits of people and pets) and am getting back into it. Lately, though, it has been easier to carve them than print them. Hmm.