Monday, July 25, 2011

Can the Weekend Really Be Over?

 Please tell me I'm hallucinating and that it isn't really Monday! Please tell me that I don't have to get up and go do something mundane when I'd rather do something creavtive and fun. Then I always hear things like, "I'm so thankful I have a job" or "you should be thankful you have a job". Surely there's some truth to that, but what if that "job" you're so "thankful" for drains the absolute life out of you or might just be taking a toll on your health? Then what? I've read that times like these are the best to start a business. Hmm. Maybe so, but what kind of business? Enough of that downer talk, but any thoughts are surely appreciated.

On Saturday my sister thought it would be nice to take my mom out for lunch and then shopping at one of her favorite stores, Merle Norman. My mom had said that she'd like to go get some foundation and lipstick. Having macular degeneration makes it hard for to primp herself into her onetime diva self and she's been feeling a bit down about that. So off we went and had a nice lunch in a very loud Chipotle. Naturally, my mom eats much slower than my sis or I and we waited quite some after finishing out veggie tacos for her to finish her burrito in a bowl. Then we walked to Merle Norman. My mom got lovely special treatment there and ended up getting this awesome tinted moisturize with SPF! It really looked good on her and brightened her complexion! I couldn't wait to try it. She also got a nice pink lipstick that is somewhat reminisent of the old Yardley Slickers!

On Sunday, I FINALLY did some test prints of my lino and soft rubber blocks! Yes, I think Hell did freeze over. I did my test prints on an unironed floursack dish towel and pretty much feel that the lino blocks did not lend themselves well at all to the fabric. Not sure why that is.

I feel that the soft rubber blocks printed much better on the "unironed" cotton, and now my little adorable Louie might just be ready to adorn kitchens worldwide. Will need to work on the prints though, prior to his household appearance. Oh, and get better pictures!


  1. Agree about the rubber lino blocks. I love making my own cards at xmas that way. But I always cut myself up doing it. :P

  2. Ajax, I hope you'll share some of your xmas cards! Love to see those.

  3. You're right there's nothing worse than a 'blink and it's over weekend'! Of course with your own business you don't really get weekends but at least (hopefully) you end up doing something you love.

    I think your print of Louie looks great - look forward to seeing him working his way around the globe via kitchens!

  4. I can honestly say that I have never worked so many hours and so hard then I do since I went into business for myself. I very rarely get anytime to just do what I want or relax for that matter, sleep? Not much! But I do enjoy what I do and I guess that is the main thing, and I wouldn't change anything, I love things just the way they are. Well, I might go for a bit more sleep if it were at all possible lol, Im lucky if I get 2 or 3 hours a night! How I sustain any life on this is beyond me, but I do lol Your kitty cat is darling and the print is too cute! Keep up the great work, I look forward to seeing more!!!!!