Thursday, June 30, 2011

Etsian Artists Tuesday Treasury Challenge - Week 2

This team challenge is quite fun and in it's second week. The theme was "Film".  Considering my love of vintage, old movies, and black and white photos, plus the fact that I've been hanging out in the past for two years now searching for Lola, I chose to call my treasury Black and White Film. Here's my contribution to the challenge.

Go check it out. I think you'll be pleasantly surpised by the fab items and just might be so inclinded to purchase something.  But if not, you can always click on items and even comment! Sunday we get to vote for the best treasury and I do have some competition here, so I will reach out again and ask that you vote.

On a family note, I took my mom to the hospital Tuesday for a barium esophagram. She has trouble lately swallowing anything from pills, vitamins, food, water, and the doctor was concerned about that. I got to hang out with the radiologist as he viewed the xrays on the monitor. They had her drink the barium and watched how it went down (a very unscientific term). The results will be in soon and we have a follow scheduled with the doctor that requested the test.  The radiologist did tell me that she was in very good shape for her age, as they had her laying in various positions of the table while drinking the barium. She told me it wasn't bad at all.


  1. Good Luck in the challenge!!! Your T is awesome!!!! I hope your mom gets feeling better soon :)

  2. I hope your mum's recovered. I had that procedure once. It's not pleasant :(

  3. Thanks for the well wishes Oddball Art and Baban Cat. She is feeling better and just today the doctor called with the results. Nothing to worry about, just age related stuff.