Thursday, June 23, 2011

Busy Week and A Few More Blog Features!

It has been a busy week. Let's just say the week started this past Saturday. I took my mom to the chiropractor and then to get her hair done. After that, we went to a wonderful dinner party to visit with some friends that were in from Denver. We all had a great time.

On Sunday I had an invitation to join the fabulous Etsian Artists Team on Etsy. I have always been a bit hesitant about joining a team because there is a commitment involved and I wasn't sure I could fully participate with my current schedule. But, I decided to bite the bullet and join the team. I am glad I did. Great artists and a great support group.

Since joining this group on Sunday, I have been featured in several Etsy Treasuries (I'll post those over the weekend) and featured on the team blog. I have also contributed two treasuries of my own (I'll post those also).

Today, I got up for work, went in and left to take my mom to another doctor's appointment. After that, we went to pick up her prescription that I had filled and came home. I was then able to finish up some work from here. Also, today, I was featured in three team treasuries and one of my prints was featured on a great blog! Thanks to the very talented Em at Jazzy Gems by Em blog for including me! I was so jazzed that I had to go buy a lottery ticket. Now I need to check that!

All week I've been attempting to do another mixed media painting. It just hasn't happened yet, though. I have the idea sketched out and a little hint is that it was inspired by an episode of Antiques Roadshow this week. All I will say now is that someone brought a stroller with dolls in it to the show. The dolls were the Dionne Quintuplets!

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