Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fabulous Finds...and more

I'm trying to do so many things right now - spend time with my mom and help her out; produce art; actively promote my work and promote the work of other artists; and trying to do this with recently cut work hours and still trying to solve mysteries of my grandmother, Lola, and her family.

Time management has never been a strength of mine, and I'm hoping to get that under control. So I think that while I try to better manage time and family research and producing art, I shall start a new feature here. I will start sharing art of others I admire. I will decide just how I'm going to do that (maybe a weekly feature) and will now test the waters. As to not yet commit myself to a particular day of the week, I shall begin with calling this "Fabulous Finds" and leave it at that.

So, may I present my first Fabulous Find! Elizabeth from Oddball Art Co. was the first blogger to feature my art on her blog! She also created a team on Etsy and invited to join! She is a multi-talented human being. A woman who is a cancer survivor, an artist, a blogger; who has art shows, maintains blogs and on line teams, just to name a few things. And, like me, she's a crazy cat lady in progress!

I admire her so much. The fact that she's out there, exhibiting her fabulous art and a working artist, is something I dream of. Her work is so appealing and touches so many.


  1. Definitely relate to the time MISmanagement. We're all works in progress! :-)

  2. Wow I'm honoured, thank you so much for featuring me and my art, Sunny The Cat thanks you too :) I love it!