Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday, Trees, an Etsy Treasury, and a Song

For the Wordless Wednesday portion of this post, I'm sharing an old picture of my dad and my grandfather Red (Earl). Written on the back of the picture is "1952, Los Angeles".

I participated again in my fab Etsian Artist team's treasury challenge. My last contribution really tanked, but I must say that this new one got many views, comments and was favored several time! It was also a treasury first for me - the first time every single featured shop commented! I was blown away and very happy about that. The theme was "COMBO" and I decided to do a combo of trees. I really have no idea how that came about, but it did and just kind of evolved.  Here's the treasury.

On the tree theme, I thought I'd share another song that I love. This was by the great Canadian group The Guess Who. I remember as a young teen asking for a Who album for Christmas and I got a Guess Who album. I remember being a bit bugged as it wasn't the right group, but as I played it, I loved it and knew so many of the songs!  Since my treasury is about trees, the Guess Who song I thought appropriate to include here is "Share the Land".


  1. Your treasury is pretty cool and I am so glad that every shop commented this time, so refreshing Im sure! Love the Guess Who but then again I am Canadian eh!

  2. Love The Who. I didn't know Guess Who group.
    Your treasury looks great!

  3. Great blog...I love your banner design! Glad to find another Etsyan :)