Sunday, September 18, 2011

Large Appliance Drama and Etsy Treasuries

I had every intention of posting sooner, but, another week has come and gone and nothing, until tonight. I should add that no art has emerged from me either this week. Not that it wasn't on the "to-do list", but reality kind of got in the way. I really don't know how that happened, and the past week, oddly, seems like a blur of typical things like work, errands, store, chores, dreams.

I did participate on Tuesday in the Etsian Artists Team Treasury Challenge, but that really tanked. Hardly any views or favs from the included shops, but oddly enough, TONS of comments from shops I was not familiar with! I was overwhelmed by such great feedback from those not in the treasury! That was just so cool. The theme was "Magic" and here's the treasury I created for the challenge. Personally, I don't think it was that bad and I was actually happy with it, and apparently "strangers" were too!

Needless to say, I didn't have enough views, clicks or favs to make the finals, but that's the way it goes. I'll just keep mental notes and know which shops to NOT include moving forward (especially if I notice a pattern with them, which I have in some cases). The point is to have fun and promote and the apparent "brick walls" take the fun out of it, so, I have to look beyond that, and as the team continues to grow, feature new shops and hope they're more receptive.

On the other hand, I think because of the "tanked" treasury, I was then invited to join a new team which is quite mellow and cool, and I did. They're called 24/7 Treasury Team. I did notice, upon accepting the invitation to join this cool new team, that many of those that commented, were members. I joined and on Thursday created my very first 24/7 Team Treasury.  I was AMAZED at the number of views, comments and favs I received in less than 24 hours! More than I ever have in any treasury I've created to date. I was truly jazzed about that! Here's that treasury I created featuring the members of the new 24/7 team.

I was so happy when Friday arrived and was going to go home from work and tackle laundry early. I did, but when I went to get the first load of bedsheets out of the dryer, they were wet and the dryer was cold. It was running but not hot. I hoped to make a hair appointment for myself as I really need to get a trim and color, but, that didn't happen. The really needed oil change is still pending, too.

Saturday was busy with typical mom stuff and walking her to an appointment she really wanted before we went to fabulous Tupperware party that some good friends of mine hosted. Timing, and the fact that I wasn't up early enough, prevented me from getting out to see my hairdresser. I really wish her shop was in walking distance. The Tupperware Lady, Aunt Cassie Rolle, was THE best TL I've seen to date! The party was an absolute blast! So fun and oh so campy, good food and free flowing beverages. My mom even had a blast!

This morning I decided to re-wash my comforter that was wet in my washer since Friday (and not smelling so good) and would use the dryer in the laundry room where I live, when suddenly the washer overflowed! Ugh, what else? So, my washer and dryer were useless and I had to get quarters in order to finish doing my laundry. Of course, this was after my sister grabbed the ShopVac to suck up the soapy water all over the floor and I was taking things out to the trash or to dry.

The bulk of this day was spent running back and forth to the laundry room. The lack of a washer and dryer in your pad really does limit your ability to venture anywhere while the machines are running. By the time I was down to two final loads, I ran to collect prescriptions for my mom, groceries and hair gel. The grocery stores here are currently in "discussions" with the local union and a strike is possibly looming.

If there is a strike, it will happen at one minute past midnight so I think the entire city was at the store and it was so busy, items were picked over and I noticed that things I normally buy, were actually more expensive than normal. When I got home, I finished the final loads of laundry and made dinner. What an exciting weekend, eh? It's now late, but I still wish I could do at least ONE creative thing before I have to power up the work computer to do that stuff and then begin the quickly approaching "Monday".


  1. Treasuries are the bane of my life too! I got quite angry to read that some people who are featured in them don't comment or favour them if they aren't to their 'taste'.
    Needless to say I'm making a list!

  2. I know what you mean about shops who don't comment. It's a rare day (in fact thinking about it, it may never of happened) when I get comments from all the shops I've featured.