Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving! I do love this holiday as it is always a nice time to visit with family, friends and enjoy a good feast. I started prepping my food Wednesday night so that I wouldn't have much to but pop things in the oven on Thursday. With the exception of running out of maple syrup and running to the market on Thursday, the plan worked out pretty good.

I have my mom here for the holiday week. She is getting more forgetful and confused, even by her own admission. The other night she asked my younger sister if she was 58! My sis nearly shit bricks. The next morning, my mom did laugh about how she got so confused and thought my sister was 58.

After the big feast, my friend and I stepped outside to cut glass. She is quite good at it and I'm not, so I wanted a lesson. She will be back on Sunday and we will cut more glass and solder some charms!

I didn't have any overnight guests (besides my mom) and the dinner guests left rather early. That allowed me to crash at a decent hour in order to rise early for the Black Friday sales. I got up about 5:30 this morning, brushed my teeth and washed my face. Put on some foundation and concealer and threw on some clothes. Anyone that knows me, knows that that is for the most part, an impossible task. I never get ready for anything that fast, let alone go out in public without my make-up. I did apply some eyeliner and lip gloss in the car.

My sister and I made the trip to Staples, arriving there around 6:30. She was in need of a laptop and I wanted a Flip Video Camera. We lucked into great parking and walked right into the store. It wasn't too terribly crowded and my sister ran straight to a line she saw at the Easytech portion of the store. We read the sign and learned that you had to have vouchers if you were in that line. I walked to a sales associate and asked about that. She checked what was left and did have one for the Flip camera but not the laptop. I told my sis and she looked disappointed. Suddenly one of the Easytech guys came up and asked if we had any questions. We did and told him about the voucher issue. When my sister told him which laptop she wanted, he told her there was one voucher left and got it for her.

It was very well organized and the staff was extremely helpful and calm. We were in and out of Staples in under an hour! Once home, I had some much needed coffee and played around with the camera. Then I got busy taking pictures of some of my prints so that I can finally list items in my Etsy shop!

I opened the shop over a year ago and that was the extent of it. So today, I uploaded the shop banner and avatar and worked on the shop policies. I also did a few other things as well, like starting a new mixed media painting, but, I'd say that completely consumed my day and now as I type this, still no items have yet been listed. The goal is list some things THIS weekend.

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