Monday, November 1, 2010

Just a Short Post About my Great Grandfather

I'm so excited! I heard back from my great grandfather, George's, granddaughter. It was really a wonderful message. I know these people existed, as I exist, and I have seen the legal documents. Yet, somehow, hearing from someone that knew one of my relatives makes it all the more "real". This makes it even more real than when someone recently answered my photo request for a picture of his headstone on When I first saw that photo, I just stared at it. George's existence suddenly seemed real to me. A very clean and simple headstone with his name and years of birth and death.

Prior to that, my proof of him was scanned documents via and scanned articles I found on Now, suddenly I hear how he would rock this woman in his rocking chair when she was a little girl. She told me that she would then rock her children in that same rocking chair, and to this day, still has it. That made me smile (and tear up a bit). I should add that she is going to find pictures to send me of George and her grandmother, Grace (Grace was George's second, and last wife)! I can't wait!

One other thing, there was another granddaughter and she is also interested in being in contact and possibly has even more information on George. She and her mother actually lived with George and Grace. This is all so exciting to me.

More to come on this as it develops. These past two days I've been battling the cold or flu bug, so this short post is taking much energy. Until then...

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