Sunday, January 3, 2010

Song of the Week - 8

One of my friends was sharing her resolutions (or what I like to call goals) for 2010. One that stuck with me was her resolution to watch one documentary per month, citing that documentaries are full of information and a valuable learning tool.

Last Tuesday, the 29th of December, while channel surfing, I came across a show on my local PBS channel called "American Masters: Joan Baez - How Sweet the Sound", already in progress. I started watching and quickly became caught up in her life story. I will have to watch this again, from the beginning.

I have always known Joan Baez and her music. I have always known that she was a folk singer, worked with Bob Dylan, and is and has been an activist. Her activism is very inspiring to me. She took stands for peace, human rights, civil rights, all in a peaceful manner. She went to jail for her peaceful forms of protest during the 60s. I find it strange that one would be incarcerated for a peaceful demonstration, yet maybe not incarcerated for a violent act committed. But sadly, that may never change, especially if we cannot speak and listen to each other when it comes to social differences.

There are two strong emotions that are each four letter words - love and hate. Two words so opposite, yet closely connected. So many things we do, feel, or react to come from either love or hate, and both emotions have been responsible for many great things as well as many horrible things in society. Surely love can drive people to accomplish positive change, but can hate do that as well?

I think that as we head into the new year and a new decade, I shall make a conscience effort to pay attention to the emotions as they make appearances and chose to deal with situations with love over hate (or fear). Hate is a strong emotion and I do not feel I have a problem with it, but, I do have issues on occasion with anger and fear, and shall work on overcoming that.

This week's title contains the word "love". While watching the documentary, there was footage of Bob Dylan in the midst of writing this song and Joan Baez playing her guitar while she sang it. I thought, "I love this song! I haven't heard it in so long." Written by a great poet, social commentator, musician, and sung by his female equivalent. The song, Love is Just a Four Letter Word, written by Bob Dylan and sung by Joan Baez. May you step out, inspire others, and have great things follow you on your path!

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