Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hello 2010

Happy New Year! So now is the time to list some goals for the new year. I may have to be accountable to them the minute I hit "publish post".

Take art workshops
I'm happy to say that I've signed up already for two! Currently enrolled in a fab mixed media drawing/painting class at Suzi Blu Les Petite Academy (on-line) and will be taking an etched metal workshop next Thursday at the Pasadena Bead and Design Show. I will also take a workshop at the end of January in Santa Monica. This workshop is all about The Yudu Screen Printer. I bought this last year when I became fearful of my "precious" Gocco supplies becoming obsolete and have never touched it. I must now take the workshop and break it out.

Travel to Iowa and Illinois for family research
I hope to do this in the spring as the Mid-West is in the midst of insane weather. This has been on my list for many months now. I do use and as means of this research. Several months ago, I found a thread of messages on Rootsweb that addressed my family. I replied to this, but have yet to hear back. I plan to pursue this contact and make a trip. His/her grandfather was my grandfather's (Lola's husband) brother. Apparently, he/she is from a larger segment of the family than I. He/she may have information that I would benefit from. Now I just must convince myself that this new and very scary full body scan crap at airports is NOT really a personal violation and that the TSA screeners are REALLY professional. I traveled to Virginia in November of 2008. Not being a seasoned business traveler, I was devastated when the TSA screener threw away my newly opened toothpaste tube and facial cleanser. I don't REALLY think that my background or look presents a threat, but I lost money that I spent to buy items, yet the "underpants" bomber has no problem boarding planes. I'm having a hard time with that, so maybe I'll drive.

Start exercising again:
Break out those DVDs I bought in 2009 and use them. The fact that you feel so much better, both physically and mentally when you exercise is no mystery! I grew up with a mom that practiced (off and on) yoga, and I do that too - yoga practitioner off and on. I just love yoga and need to bring it back into my life. Flexibility is one key to maintaining "youth".

Start building Etsy site
I have created the Etsy shop and have been "writing" the shop policy. Now, I just need to finalize that and list items! Really, the items to list do exist. Time to stop lolly gagging!

Keep blog current and interesting
Yes! Mandatory. Wish me luck here.

Have more fun
Indeed. This is a milestone year for me. A birthday I could never imagine as a teenager! The big 5-0. I plan to have a fun party, go to art exhibits, other things, and just have fun.

I have always wanted to do this but my life seems to get in the way. I plan to volunteer at the holidays - serving food possibly. I have also wanted to volunteer with animal rescue organizations, but have always thought that would be hard. You see, I love animals and become attached. Also, I really struggle with the kill option attached to some of the rescue organizations. I need help with this. Can I really volunteer and be a part of the life of a cat or dog, only to learn that maybe because the animal was NOT a baby, no one wanted it, therefore, euthanasia? Don't think we treat people that way. Oh, no. We actually seem to cheer for women that take drugs to have unnatural multiple births that they can't afford. Octomom is a fine example. What's up with that? (Oops, soapbox made an appearance here).

Stay in touch with family and friends
I really don't think any day job out weighs this and I need to make this a priority. I must say goodbye to the "old me". I pretty much missed my nieces and nephews growing up and really don't want to miss their kids growing up. What does anyone have to show for that, really?

Do something creative daily
No comment necessary here.

Be a better housekeeper
OMG yes! I have had to fire way too many imaginary "cleaning ladies"! Must get that under control.

Get a gas stove
Hell yes. I have always cooked with gas. Sadly though, I have had an electric stove for the past four years that is older than I am. It is just hideous. I feel I have suddenly lost my ability to cook. I even had the landlord send out a repairman last year. The obviously "talented" repairman said nothing was wrong with my stove! Yeah right. I don't know about you, but, stove completely shutting off in the midst of cooking is not normal in my opinion.

I think I will need to revisit the goals on a quarterly basis in order to track what I have done as well as add to the list.

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