Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Search for Lola, Geneabloggers, and a Little Change in Direction

I have been following a site called Geneabloggers and have been inspired by them. They are a group of bloggers that blog about their genealogy and family history research. They also provide daily and weekly prompts to keep people blogging, and are made up of genealogists, bloggers, blog readers, and are truly a source of valuable information.

I have decided to start participating in a few Geneabloggers prompts and am going to change direction a bit with the posts about the family research and my search for Lola. Basically, I will begin to use surnames for the deceased. I have kept away from that in the past, but feel that if I use surnames and tell stories as I uncover them, it can preserve their memory (thank you Thomas from Geneabloggers). Also, my hope is that by using first names and surnames, someone may be doing a google search, land here, and have information to share. I have reached out so many living people connected to my family but haven't yet had that same experience. I think it would be so very exciting to have someone contact me because of a connection they can prove.

Back in June of 2010, I attended the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree. That was fabulous and I attended lectures, met professionals in the field and just left craving more. While at the jamboree, I met Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective. I spoke with her and gave her details about Lola and my search and she blogged about it on her blog on Family Tree Magazine (dot com), but I didn't share it because of the surnames. Now, with my new direction, I am providing the link here to that article. The information I gave Maureen was based on what I knew at the time and I have always tried to present the information I got from my dad as just that, until I could confirm it. Hearsay is just that after all. I'm not saying my dad wasn't truthful, but I believe he shared (what little he did) what he believed or heard. How I wish he was still here to clarify things!

In closing this post, I am sharing again a photo of my dad, Robert Robinson, with two mystery women. My sisters and I have always wondered if one of these women could be our grandmother, Lola L. Cloos Robinson. The above link to the Photo Dective's blog provides her thoughts. Stay tuned. More to come.

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