Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday!

Oh, and it's a three-day weekend for me! Love that. I shall spend the time creating art (I have a few paintings to finish), burning some screens for dish towels and T-shirts, making some pendants, and taking decent pictures of the handmade goods. I have several bracelets that I have not yet listed only because the pictures aren't coming out so good. Ugh.

I shall also spend time lost in the past (my family history, that is). I have some blog posts to work on that will fit with some Geneablogger prompts. I have also considered a trip to the Family Research Center and will need to find their hours. Plus, I have never been and hear it is pretty spectacular.

I'm sharing a few images of my precious Louie. The first picture is of him as a young little guy. The second image is computer generated. I first traced the actual photo and transferred that to my carving material. I then carved carved his portrait and printed it. Once printed, I scanned that image and, in PhotoShop, added the text and background color.

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