Monday, August 16, 2010

Inglewood Park Cemetery

I made a trip out to Inglewood Park Cemetery this past Friday to photograph the graves of Lola's aunt and uncle Hattie and William; and Lola's cousin (Aunt Zadie's daughter) Mabel. My sister went along for the "photo shoot".

I called the cemetery in advance to find out the burial locations and was given that information. I then was able to print the plot maps from the website. What a valuable tool that was! We were able to find the graves we were looking for in no time, unlike our Saturday trip to Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale (yes, the burial place of Michael Jackson). More on that "photo trip" in another post.

We found and photographed Mabel's grave. I was so hoping that her husband, Delmer, would have been buried by her so that I could "close" that on my tree. That wasn't the case. She appeared to be buried alone. We then followed the map to the plot where Hattie and William are buried. We parked at the plot and followed the map to the lot number. There Hattie was. Next to Hattie was a square of grass and then next to that grass, another grave marker of someone else. Seeing that, just bothered me. My sister and I felt that their son, Estel, must have blown through the money his parents had. He was living with them in 1938 when his mother died (this was after his wife filed for divorce) and he was the informant. His father died 10 years later (after spending 10 months in the facility known as Norwalk State Hospital).

I was hoping (and maybe this is a stretch) that I'd find a grave with Lola's name on it near either Hattie or Mabel, but, no such luck. Maybe I need to consider the possibility that Lola, upon being released from Norwalk State Hospital, either remarried or changed her name. It is just too strange that I cannot find any indication of her death. The search continues...

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