Monday, March 8, 2010

Sketchbook - 1

I have tons of sketchbooks and journals. Each book has sketches, doodles, thoughts written down. I think I will begin to share some of these pages here.

I finally posted again yesterday after almost three weeks. So my 2010 goal to post two to three times a week did not hold up in February. The reason for my absence is I did something stupid and hurt myself. I was taking out the trash one evening a little over three weeks ago. I usually empty the litter boxes into separate plastic shopping bags, but this one time, I had this insane idea to save the bags and to dump the litter boxes into the big Hefty bag with the kitchen trash. Well, it was heavy and I couldn't lift it. I tried to "hoist" the bag, using all my strength and that seemed to work. The bag went flying and so did I. Fell right into the cat tree (ouch) and did some damage to the rib(s).

The nurse checked and where there was a little bit of swelling, there was no bruising. I opted to not get an x-ray. Anyway, I have been dealing with the now lessening pain and was not so focused on creative endeavors such as drawing, painting, printmaking or writing. I just sat around annoyed at myself for not doing anything creative.

So over the weekend I pulled out one of the sketchbooks, a marker and my Prismacolor pencils and started to draw pictures with the marker and then color them with the pencils. It was fun to do something creative again.

And speaking of doing creative things, I have an order for bracelets that I am terribly late on delivering. I have only made four of the eight requested. I'd say it's beyond time to get busy.

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