Monday, October 26, 2009

My Search for Lola

I’m researching my paternal grandmother, Lola. I never met her, never really knew much about her, including when or where she died. I do know when my dad last saw her (year is vague). My dad’s childhood was horrible and that caused him to want to completely sever memories and connections. He never would tell us much while he was alive. When we would talk to him about wanting to do research, he said he’d never talk to us again.

My friend, Jim, stopped by on Labor Day and we spent hours on I began to learn things about Lola’s life. It was horrible. The way people lived in the early 20th century was hard and those of us now would surely never survive that lifestyle. I’m discovering so much.

According to my mom, my dad was taken away from Lola and placed somewhere, when he was about 14. She was then institutionalized. My grandfather, Earl (aka Red), had gone to No. CA (I believe) during that time for work. Details are still vague. I have learned that Lola had a brother in LA and must now do the research to find his family (family that I do not know). This connection could prove valuable in my search.

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