Monday, November 5, 2012

Friday Afternoon with Mom

We had a very nice late afternoon / early evening this past Friday. My sis thought it would be good to get my mom out of the house, so we took her out for a late lunch at a Mexican restaurant that just so happens to have a vegan section on the menu! The food was good, but so much. My mom had a soft chicken taco with rice and beans and my sis and I had potato flautas with killer pinto beans! Then we stopped at Sears so I could FINALLY replace my watch battery that died months ago. While I went to the watch repair my sister took my mom to Land's End. She ended up getting two pairs of pants and a nice long sleeve T-shirt. They had a great sale.

Then we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I had a coupon and wanted to get coffee for my Keurig. I only had one coupon with me but also found a cool hand held mandolin to slice veggies with.

After that, we went to the vet to pick up the dry food for the kiddos and then hit one of my mom's favorite stores - 99 Cent Store. My sis found some Jello pudding and told my mom. They had an old favorite of hers, tapioca, but surprisingly, she wanted butterscotch instead. As we walked through the store, my mom kept touching things and asking what it was and then how much it was. We walked through the produce and my mom touched everything. "What's this", she'd ask and I'd tell her cucumber. Then she'd ask how much and I'd tell her. She seemed to really enjoy that as it reminded her of how she and my dad would go shop there when he was alive. She had a awesome afternoon and so did my sister and I.

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