Monday, November 5, 2012

A Strange Dream

Oh my. Almost another month has slipped away and not a single post from me. I am going to try really hard to correct that problem through the remainder of this year, and reappear full blast in the new year.

I had a strange dream Halloween night. Apparently I was boarding my cats (something I'd never do) at a PETCO. I went to visit (?) them and then suddenly had a new kitten. Anyway, the animals were all kept in an open area and this dog kept harassing my cats. The dog looked just like the RCA Victor dog except his spots were pastel colors and he had a tattoo on his shoulder blades. It was a heart with his name inside it. It started with an "S" but I can't remember the name.
The store was insanely crowded and the employees were dressed like diner waitresses, in yellow dresses with white aprons and big teased up hair. They were all bitching about how many hours they were working. I was trying to talk to the manager while holding this new kitten, wanting answers as to why this dog was running free and why my cats were as well. It was near closing time and the manager couldn't help me because he had to deal with the crowds, the bitching employees and he had his baby there in a stroller because he had no babysitter. It was so weird. I have no idea what that dream was about.

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