Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family Research - What Would They Think?

I was just reflecting on my past two years of "hard core" genealogy research - all the people I've found, the living cousins I've found, the documents, pictures, etc., and about the blog posts I've dedicated to various family members.

I don't come from famous folks, but rather, working class people. I started to wonder what they might think if they knew that I (in some little way) have "immortalized" them via my blog. I'm not so sure my dad would like it (or at least my attempt to find his mother) but maybe some of the others would find it kind of cool.

I wonder if many of the people in my tree may have felt no value in their lives, but this exercise in gen research has proven to me that everyone does have value.

Does anyone else ever think about this and how their long gone relatives might feel about being "out there" via this new technology?


  1. Oh My Goodness! If any of my relatives that passed on knew I was writing about them....would be upset at me. I don't know how cool they would think it is...LOL..People are so private about their lives, and it is something when they were private and you make them public. This is a great post...and I really have to think about that some more....Giggle Giggle.

  2. Hi Yvette - LOL! I am sure many of my relatives that have passed on would not be pleased, but I feel that some might find it cool. No doubt some of the "older" generation would not approve.