Thursday, November 3, 2011

Aunt Sadie

I love this picture and came across it while going through a large box of old photos. It is my maternal aunt Sadie McPhee and her precious cat Sam. This was actually in a little plastic photo book that contained pictures of Sadie's cats, her dog Brandi, and me with Sam when we were both babies.

Sadie and Sam, 1962
Growing up, Sadie was the "fun" aunt. She took my younger sister and I to our first walk-in movie, That Darn Cat! I naturally thought Sam was in the movie.

She was a glamour girl in her day and was tall. She used to tell people she was 5'12"! She also drove small cars for many years (a Karmann Ghia, a VW Bug and a Toyota Cressida).

Patricia McPhee Dolan, Clara McPhee McPhail, Sadie McPhee

When Sadie passed away in 2004, I made the funeral cards. I found a great old photo booth picture of her that I used and printed the cards with my Gocco.

Sadie McPhee in photo booth in Toronto

Funeral Card

She was always very organized and had her entire funeral planned and written out and everything was paid for. She is buried next to my aunt Pat in Rowland Heights, CA.


  1. I know I've said it before but people knew how to dress in that era. They look so glamorous. Even the cat is cool.

    I wish people today would smarten up!

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Cat! You are right, they did know how to dress and look glamorous, even though money was limited. I'm going to ask my mom how they managed to do that and will report back.

  3. Great post! It reminds me of the old photos albums I used to look through with my grandmother. Everyone in the photos was 'glamorous' yet proper....