Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Scandal of Zetta, and My Mom

The last few times I spoke with my mom since finding my "proof" of Lola's half sister, Zetta, I chose not to tell her about it as she just didn't seem in the mindset for this long story. Tonight, I told her about it and she was interested and laughing and thoroughly enjoying the story.

When I told her some of the language used in the 1889 newspaper articles, such as "lothario" or "blighting" she said she didn't understand those words and I tried my best to explain them. I guess I did well. It was a great chat. We laughed about how scandalous this was back then, yet today, is really common.

My mom then told me that she remembers a picture of Lola that my dad used to carry in his wallet, but ultimately ended up in the box of pictures that I now have. She described a black and white snapshot of a woman sitting in the grass, wearing a skirt, in front of a home. My mom felt it was Lola's home, but wasn't sure if it was her home in Iowa or her home in California.

Based on the description of the photo, my younger sister nor I could place it. I wonder if my older sister might find that familiar as she does remember our dad having a picture of Lola in his wallet when she was young. However, I do seem to think that the picture my older sister remembers might have been more of a portrait type pic. I do have tons of old pictures and will just need to go through them again. Hopefully, not remembering this particular picture doesn't mean it isn't in there! As I type this, I'm kind of remembering my older sis saying she carried a picture of Lola in her little purse. She was quite young at the time.

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