Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Interesting Weekend

This past weekend was interesting. I had Friday off and went to check out a place that sells overstock items with my sister and my friend. We wanted to see what they had that we could then try selling on Ebay. The three of us went there each wanting to see cosmetics. Well, there wasn't much. We got a tour and met with an "account manager" who really tried to talk us into selling BIG (by that, I mean, buying thousand dollar plus pallets). We were not ready for that.

Then on Saturday, I went on a fun bus tour of crimes in the East Los Angeles Area. This was the third crime bus tour I had taken and it was so much fun. These tours, offered through Esotouric, are fun and informative. We even went to Evergreen Cemetery and I learned that the old "potter's field" used to be there. I also found out that there is a list of unclaimed people who were buried there and now I need to find out how I can view that list. There's a part of me that thinks Lola may have been buried in such a fashion, but until I can find out if she ever left Norwalk State Hospital, this is pure speculation on my part.

Sunday morning, my mom called. She had fallen the night before and hurt her leg. She spent the night in the ER and was released in the early morning hours once all vitals were checked and her leg and hip checked. She has been struggling with getting around since then as she is using a walker and that is difficult for her. Plus, her leg is hurting and she is just very tired. The doctor told her she needs a good solid few days of rest and she has been heeding that advice.

On the creative side of the weekend, I finally got the perfect template for greeting cards of my prints. They came out really nice, and now I need to get good pictures of them to list. I took tons of pictures Sunday and really didn't like how they came out, so back to the "drawing board". I never thought it would be so difficult to get good pictures of things.

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