Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Song of the Week - 18

I was about three or four years old when the phenomenon known as the British Invasion hit the scene. This "invasion" consisted of British musical artists playing a new and "popular" style of music. Of course, I didn't know the term used at the time, but like most young children, I loved music, and this new British Invasion stuff, was no exception, apparently.

Growing up we had pets. Lots of them over the years - cats, dogs and birds. I don't remember how we ended up with a parakeet (or when he "moved in"), but his name was Ringo. He had a cage with all the little bird amenities that we'd cover every night. I learned years later, that I gave him that name. When the British Invasion landed, one of the main stars was The Beatles. Like so many, I loved them and their music, and still do to this day.

Something else I don't remember was watching the infamous Ed Sullivan show that The Beatles were on. The young female audience screamed so long and loud, that you couldn't hear the song. Apparently, I sat in front of the TV and screamed along with the girls in the studio. I learned that back then, I loved Ringo and would constantly say his name. Seems I had a huge crush on Ringo when I was a toddler.

This childhood obsession with Ringo Starr would surely mean that when he released his first solo single in 1971, I'd have to have it. Well, I did. I loved the song, and still do. This week's featured song, It Don't Come Easy, has an interesting title and theme. I suppose "it" don't come easy if what "it" is, is truly not something we really want. I tend to believe that what we truly want does come easy, but what "don't come easy" is recognizing the signs that lead us to our wants and dreams and desires. I was raised to be aware of the power of suggestion and following your heart, yet, like so many, I got caught up in crap that just got in the way of what I was after/wanted (or thought I wanted). Live and learn I suppose.

So, I wasted many years just existing really, and not following any dreams I had. I don't like to dwell in the past with regret but I do like to hang out there for the nostalgia. Besides, so much of that tends to shape the adults we become. Like the song says, "The future won't last, It will soon be your tomorrow" should become a new mantra, and a force to drive me (and everyone) to live in the present and move forward with my life and dreams with passion and not just "existing". So, right here and right now, I raise my glass and toast the present and make a vow to move forward in the direction of dreams that really do come easy, and to learn to see the opportunities that I'm attracting. Namaste.

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