Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday and The Mystery of the Cat's Milk

This is a picture of me and my maternal aunt, Loretta "Sadie" McPhee's (1921-2004) cat Sam. Sam and I were babies at the same time. My aunt Sadie and aunt Pat used to babysit me often. Rumor has it (or call it family lore) that I used to drink the milk from his kitty bowl. That was back in the day when people actually gave cats milk. I always believed my aunts were not telling the truth as that is just pretty nasty, but they said I'd hold up his empty milk bowl, with remnants on my face and say (ala Oliver Twist) "more please"! Oh man.

And speaking of cats, here's a bad picture of my Go Cat Go collage screen printed on a flour sack dish towel. I'm working on these prints now and plan to have them available on towels, shirts and tote bags soon.


  1. Well, drinking milk from the cat's bowl pretty much explains it all, don't you think? (That looks like the stereo console I grew up with!)

    1. I think it does, Wendy! LOL. I also grew up with that console.

  2. Kris, love the towel! Are you adding them to your shop?

  3. Thank you Mad! I am going to add them to the shop! I plan to print them in a variety of colors, too.

  4. Hello from a fellow Kittyteam member! I just spent an hour reading your blog post to see if you ever did find your grandmother. I did the happy dance with you when you found her. I notice you never mention that you use They have been adding so many records (free) lately that it is hardly ever necessary to go to, except for some of those hard-to-find marriage records.
    I have been indexing for them for a few months and it is amazing what they are putting online. The California records alone would have helped you in your search for relatives, and still might. Rootsweb also has the California Death Records at their site and you can search by mother's and father's last names. I've found a lot of lost daughters that way.
    I don't have a genealogy blog, but do have a website and facebook site for genealogy.

    Marilyn Hamill
    Catnip Hill on Etsy
    Catnip Hill Genealogy