Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blood and Cats

I got home this evening and there was blood around the house. Not dark but still a lot. There was blood on the couch, on the chair, on the bed, in the kitty donut on the bed, and little bloody paw prints all around the carpeting in the house.

My mom had put a blanket over the blood on the couch and did say that she thought it was Petey as he had been sitting in the spots today where the blood was.

Basically, the blood was pretty much in all the areas Petey was today. Petey's little paw pad was cracked (kind of like my hands in this weather) and he left blood and blood prints all around. I have to take him to the vet tomorrow evening to make sure he's OK. He is acting normal - running, eating, sleeping, scratching on cat posts.

I called the vet to see if there was anything I could put on is paw such as aloe or something. I was advised by the receptionist not to put anything on it. I asked if it was possible that his paw pad cracked and bled like my hands do in this weather. I was told no. Naturally, I was told it would be best to take him in to see the vet. So, yeah, we're doing that tomorrow evening. If the vet tells me that is pads were dry and cracked and to put ointment on them, and then charge me for the visit, I will demand a refund.


  1. Don't go. The same thing happened to one of my cats. If you've got one of those lovely cones to put around it's neck just put some olive oil on it to moisturize. The cone will stop it from worrying the paw while the oil works.
    Olive oil is totally harmless and will do the trick.
    150 of your American dollars please!

  2. Hi.. what's happen with ur cat, I'm so sorry.. how is ur cat now? I hope all of ur cat in good conditios now, anyway, I'm Irone from Indonesia, How' D Kris.. I hope we will be friend, so I can still read ur stories about ur cat, I have one, called 'puput', there is a greeting from 'puput',

  3. Hi Irone! Thanks for stopping by and thank you for asking how Petey is. He is doing wonderfully. Still don't know what caused his little paw pad to bleed like that, but I did put olive oil on it and he isn't having any problems like that lately. All my cats are doing great, but we had a cold rain today, so they enjoyed sleeping near the heater vents.

    Puput is a beautiful cat!