Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Been A While...

Since my last post here, I have been busy getting things ready around this place to move my mom in. After she fell and fractured her pelvis in March, the decision was made that she shouldn't live alone (although in a senior apartment complex) any longer.

Well, between cleaning up at her place, getting her house ready to rent out, cleaning around my place to make room for her, and going to a day job, my time has felt less like my own. There is still so much to do - changing her doctors, finding her meds, calling in prescriptions, making her lunches in the morning, etc. I am also looking for a place that I can take her for a few hours one day a week so that she is out mingling with people. Maybe a senior center would be good.

I also had my own accident. I was getting ready to crash one night a little over a week ago and was carrying clean laundry to the room to put away. One of the cats was laying on the bed stretched out and looking so cute and I was walking towards the dresser looking over my shoulder at him and BAM, I walked right into the cat scratching post, tripped and fell. Lucky (not) for me, I fell face down onto the dresser! Ouch. My nose began to bleed and I ran to the bathroom to stop the bleeding. Amazingly, I managed to get to the bathroom and grab a towel without dropping blood anywhere! Once I got the bleeding to stop and my nerve up to look in the mirror, I could see the swelling on the bridge of my nose which made me look like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast!

I then grabbed an ice pack and went to bed. In the morning, I had two black eyes and went to urgent care. Everything is OK. Thank God my nose wasn't broken - just a minor fracture. The swelling has now gone down considerably, the bruising is going away and the black eyes are disappearing!

I hope to get our new arrangement into a groove so that I can get back to creating art. I had ordered supplies to make glass pendants but haven't done them yet. I also tried making badges with the manual Badge-A-Minit, and they kept falling apart. I know if I can't make a badge with that thing, I'll never be able to make a pocket mirror. I may need to invest in a better machine!

I am really happy that I now have my mom with me and am happy knowing she isn't alone at night. In the past, her blood pressure spikes and her fall (all landing her in the hospital several times this year) happened at night when she was alone.

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