Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year, New Paintings

With the arrival of the new year, I have decided to really spend some time focusing on art and marketing my work. On Sunday, I spent time working on the below mixed media pieces, but I also learned (thanks to my good friend Kelly) how to add my Etsy Shop to the sidebar of this blog and how to put together an Etsy Treasury (I expect to have that finished this week)! A Treasury is a "member-curated" shopping gallery and a way to create lists of items you like as well as promoting those sellers.

Kelly even encouraged me to set up Skype so I could see her walk through the various steps of setting up a Treasury and she gave me tons of helpful hints! This was so helpful and made setting things up go so much faster than us just trying to talk it out over the phone. Kudos to Kelly!

The other thing I did was create a Facebook page for my Etsy Shop. When I began to "Create a Page" in Facebook for my shop, I followed the really easy instructions and then entered the name of the shop, Cat House Prints. Much to my surprise, Facebook would not allow me to use that name. Apparently something to do with the word(s) that might be offensive! I laughed because anyone using Facebook knows that there is a lot of "potty mouthing" going on there, yet "Cat House" might be offensive! True, cat house is an old term for a brothel, but it is also a house where cats live. Needless to say, I called it Kris' Etsy Shop. Not so clever, I know, but at least that wasn't offensive. I now have to enlist Kelly's help again to add the "like" button for that page on this blog.

The elements of each mixed media piece were cut from paper and colored with color pencil and brush markers. The canvas boards were painted. Then it was time to attach the pieces to the canvas board with gel medium.

Once the gel medium dried, I then went in with more paint, pencil and brush marker for added details.

The next step is to list them as prints in my above-mentioned Etsy shop. I also have a few other pieces in the works that I plan to list - building the inventory.

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