Sunday, April 11, 2010

Song of the Week 15

So, here it is, a Sunday night, and probably most people are dreading this. The weekend is over. Bright and early tomorrow will arrive too soon and the "off to work" feeling and the Monday morning blues will weigh heavy on many.

So many people have jobs that they hate. So many people have jobs that they never in a million years envisioned for themselves. So many people have jobs for whatever reason that they do and that somewhat contribute to their expenses. Some people have jobs that just suck their soul right out of them.

On the other hand, some people have jobs that they love. Some people require the discipline provided by a 9 - 5 lifestyle. Some people truly feel justly compensated for their contributions to the corporation. Some people might feel a little combination of the above, but love their co-workers and do not find pure dread come Monday.

I probably fall into the latter. I do feel that my contributions somewhat count, enjoy my work for the most part and truly love my co-workers. I don't necessarily feel any passion about my 9 - 5 life. I can't even remember as a teenager wishing to be in the corporate world Monday through Friday. I can't even remember knowing the word "corporation" as a teenager. I do remember having dreams that DID consist of contributing something creative that made some sort of difference in the lives of others. I swore I wouldn't be sitting behind a desk in a fluorescent lit office, pushing paper for my pay. Wow. Sometimes, our younger self is either way off or just got the timing wrong. Or possibly we get older and mistakenly push our younger self away.

I am constantly wondering how I ended up where I am and surely others wonder the same. The chain of events and circumstances that lead us to our current place in life fascinate me. I have many theories, yet none are grounded in anything scientific. I am thankful for the opportunities I have to develop, learn and grow, but somehow dream of the opportunity to call my own shots. How cool would it be to make my own schedule and provide a great service that is truly appreciated as well as greatly contributing to my own bank account!

I wonder HOW some people just have it in them to go after their dreams and make them reality. Why is it that they can block out the "voices" that tell them they are not being grounded in reality or that they cannot make a living doing something they love? How do they do just that - make a living doing something they love and absolutely disregard the "voices of reason" (whomever they are) telling them the opposite? Oh, how I'd love to learn from them.

Stepping out of our comfort zone (even if it isn't really that "comfortable") isn't always an easy task. Having confidence in ourselves to provide a service or product that is amazing to others and brings great joy is a gift, and I feel it might be something the masses may wish for. How does one step out of their comfort zone, no matter how secure yet mundane, to reach for the stars, without pure terror? How does one get past the Sunday night insomnia that leads to the Monday blahs? I'm not sure yet, but I do believe it is in reach.

Now that I've left you with something to ponder, you might do so while listening to the chosen song this week. It is a groovy fun tune by the Easybeats. As you listen, contemplating your own situation, feel free to comment. I'm curious to hear how you feel about you own 9 - 5 life with Friday on your mind. Enjoy.


  1. Why do "they" call it "9-5".. is there such a thing.. I've always wondered who gets to work 9-5..

  2. It's a shame that I always have Friday on my mind...after 5 that is.